11 Fastest Ways To Get your Dream Job in 2020

By Michaela Acuyado

2020 – Who is not in a hurry nowadays? The turtles? Well, maybe yes, but aside from them, I can’t think of any.  With the fast paced world, everyone is in a hurry to get what they want. So also, with all the people looking to land their dream jobs. So, what are some quickest ways you can look up into to get your dream job in 2020? Check this out:

  1. Apply to many companies hiring the dream job of your life.

This is the wisest way you can do. Look for all the companies hiring your dream job and apply to as many companies as you can. This is a well known strategy which almost everyone is doing. This is done so that you are not waiting for nothing because when you just apply for one or three companies, the chances are your application will not be entertained or considered due to the many applications of a certain company. Think of it. You are not the only one looking for a job. When you apply for many companies, there is a big chance that one of those companies you applied to has  a lesser number of applications and with that your applications will be entertained and considered. Even if how attractive your resume is, you still have to be wise

  1. Market your services.

Nowadays, this method seems prevalent already. To land into your dream job, why not advertise yourself. You can make flyers and give to the passersby or come up with posters. The easiest way today is to advertise online. You can post your services to job portals/job boards online or to your social media accounts. With this method, many people can already notice you. You already have big chances to land your dream job with a large audience who knew your services.

  1. Contact your contacts.

Another most used method to land your dream job the fastest, is contact your connections. Your connections may be your friends, relatives or family. Having a backer to land a job is not ideal but in today’s setup where almost all are competitive , we need to also be competitive. So to ask for help from our connections is not bad at all. We are just being competitive. Ofcourse, who doesn’t need a job? We just think of it as we are being lucky to have someone we can ask to help us land our dream job. So what are you waiting for? Contact your contacts!

  1. Volunteer.

Aside from your dream job, if you have a dream company to work into, you might opt to try to work in their company as a volunteer or as an intern. This may take months but for sure, they will hire when they have an open position that needs to be filled in. At first, it’s hard to imagine rendering services without being paid but when the company sees that you are very good at your job, then for sure they will hire you. If you really want your dream job, endure!

  1. Enroll in a paid school/training that offers work after accomplishment.

You might as well opt to enroll in schools that after graduation or training accomplishment will surely find you a job to land on. For most people, they opt for this because this is one of the easiest ways to surely land your dream job. Well, you need to pay high for this but don’t worry because you’ll surely be hired just do your best to pass!

  1. Call companies.

You can do cold calling to companies that you think are offering the dream job you wanted. With this method, it’s easiest to know whether they are looking to hire for someone or not. Actually most of the time, it’s a very quick method to land your dream job because you are just  a phone     a way to the Human Resource or the employer. Ask with kindness and with respect. They are busy so be quick with what you would like to ask.

You can do this to many companies and do a follow up call also for updates.

  1. Send your resume to company websites.

Most company websites have a career menu where you can look for their job openings. If your dream job isn’t open yet for hiring , you can submit your resume to their websites or email address provided in their websites. With that, when the time they are looking for someone to fill in your dream job, they will just look at all the resumes submitted  in their website or email address and you might be lucky enough to be call on to an interview.

  1. Search for job fairs

Want to be hired on the spot? Attend Job Fairs. This is also one of the fastest ways that you can get your dream job. Look for job fairs in community or online.

All you have to do is dress up, prepare yourself for the interview and be confident. It wouldn’t take thirty minutes for you to be hired on the spot if you are lucky enough or suitable for the job you are applying for.

  1. Go recruitment/placement/job agencies.

If you need to be helped by an agency to easily land for your dream job, you might as well consider visiting a job agency and inquire if they have your dream job. You will pay them of course for their services in looking for your dream job. Some people who don’t want hustle in looking for a job opt to consider the service of those job agencies. It is nice because everything is being done for you and all you have to do is to patiently wait.

  1. Type on the internet’s search engines.

                                                                                       One of the fastest to search your dream job is to make use of the internet and in the browser’s search engine, you just type your search job. With just a click, all data or information related to your search will appear. All you have to do is sort out those that really answer your search. 

  1. Make use of Internet Career Websites or Job boards/portals.

Aside from using a browser’s search engine, there are more accurate results if you opt to make use of career websites or job portals. Search first online what are those career websites and job portals. After that, go into the job portal and search for your dream job. After a click, you can see every company hiring for your dream job. Quick right? What else can you ask for. These job portals are really employment saver. This is the most used today because of the ease in searching and applying for a job. One week is just too long for you to be hired using these job portals. So try one now!

Many people really wanted everything to be instant in their lives but we have to also remember that good things never come easy.  Work hard and be patient enough. These two could surely help you land your dream job this 2020.