Are you 10 Steps towards your Dream Job in 2020?

A man named Joe who lives in Chicago, who graduated from a top University, who is smart, with a pleasing personality, hardworking and talented keeps on applying for a certain job in different companies and establishments. He really wanted to get the dream job of his life, not just any job. The sad reality is that he didn’t get hired for all the companies he had applied to. He sent almost a hundred applications and edited them constantly to be attractive for employers. Nothing happened. 

Months passed and he ended up lying in a beautiful garden, daydreaming about him landing into his dream job.

It’s a bit funny, right? But the story of Joe is not a comedy nor a fantasy to the story of those job seekers who had done their best to land their dream job but ended up daydreaming it. It is a really sad reality.

In this year 2020, with the booming technology, we can only expect that the employment market will be of high standard and job seekers will become more and more competitive. 

But what does it really take to get your dream job in a world full of competitive beings? Is it really that hard? Not at all! We’ve done a lot of research and compiled the 10 steps towards your dream job in 2020.

  1. Be True to Yourself

Yes! Be true to yourself. Nothing beats this one. Know yourself first. Who are you? What do you know about yourself? What kind of person are you? What do you like and don’t like? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you really want in life? 

Being true to yourself is not bad. Yes, it’s hard to do. We live in a world full of lies and deception – a world where almost everyone wears a mask. This happens because we want to please the people around us. What can we get by doing this? Yes, at first it makes us confident and comfortable. But the question is how long are you gonna make yourself suffer because of your lies? Being true to yourself  will give you freedom – to think, speak and act. Being true to yourself means you really know who you are, accept who you are and love who you are.

  1. Established your Dream Job.     

After getting to know yourself, it’s the time to know what really is your dream job. To establish a dream job is not really easy. You don’t just say I want to be a doctor or a teacher or an actor. Or you will say, I will fit my dream job limited only to my knowledge and skills. This is one of the mistakes of some people. They create a dream job knowing the fact that they don’t have skills for that job or they just settle their dream job to be based only on their existing skills.

a.) “He said his dream job is to be a dancer but he doesn’t know how to dance. He applied as a dancer in an entertainment company. Guess what? He wasn’t accepted.”

 b.) He is good only at singing so he chose to be a Singer but deep in his heart he wanted to be a Teacher. Guess what? He may or he may not be accepted. Why? Because it is not really his dream job so he will not be happy even if he will be accepted. He will end up unsatisfied or will leave his job and look for another job.”

See? It’s really hard to establish a dream job for you to be able to land it. It needs much thinking and proper discretion. Be true to what you really want! Be true to what really is your dream job. Decide from the heart. You really want to be a dancer but you have no skills on that, then study and learn to dance. If you already have the skills, it’s the time you will apply for the job. You really wanted to be a teacher but your skill is only for singing. Then make your dream job a reality. Do not settle or limit yourself on what you think you can only do. You have a lot of potential to grow and to become better. Enroll to a school, get a degree, study and graduate as a Teacher. It’s not easy but it’s your dream job.

A wise advice: “Established your dream job based on what your dream job really is and worked for it.”

  1. Know your Dream Job.  

After establishing your dream job, the next thing you must do is to get to know it better. Do research offline and online. Look for its definition or meaning. Look for the skills and attitude needed for the job. Look for the requirements to be qualified for that job. Ask someone knowledgeable about that job. You must research everything about your dream job. You must establish knowledge of it so you will be able to define it in your own words. By defining it in your own words, you are proving to yourself that you know your dream job well and you understand it clearly. You can never do a thing without knowing how to do it. 

  1. Work for your Dream Job.  

The next step after understanding your dream job is to work for it. Knowing all the details about your dream job, you are now on the track on what you can do to be qualified for that job. If that dream job requires you to learn a skill then learn that skill. Read books or watch tutorials online. You can enroll in schools that offer knowledge and skills for that job or ask someone knowledgeable about that job to teach you. Attend seminars and training. Acquire all the knowledge and skills needed for your dream job. Study and learn everything about that job. It may take months or even years but your effort will surely be paid off. In between your journey, there are a lot of trials and struggles that will make you give up but those are just part of the journey towards your dream job. Don’t give up, your effort will never be wasted.

  1. Keep Improving Yourself.

You already have what it takes for you to land your dream job. What you only need to do now is to keep improving yourself. Improve and develop more on your knowledge and skills for that job. Learn techniques, methods, systems and processes. Be an expert of your dream job. 

Don’t forget also to keep improving your character. Your character will be the first one to be judged. Our character is the mirror of all our qualities as a person. Make sure to display a good and amazing character.

To improve means to learn. Everyday we learn and we unlearn things. Learning is an unending process. To learn means to use your time in this world  wisely. Learning is life itself. When we learn, we grow and we become a better version of ourselves. We need to always and regularly exercise the muscles in our body especially in our mind so it  wouldn’t rust and malfunction. When someone stops learning, that someone is already dead. So don’t forget to water yourself everyday with learning.

  1. Prepare a Winning Portfolio.

While constantly improving yourself, prepare your winning portfolio for your dream job. This portfolio includes your Application letter, Resume/CV and all your achievements, training and seminar certificates.

When you make your Application letter, see to it that you talk like a sales agent. Do not decorate your Application letter with flowery words but be direct to your point. Summarize everything that you want to tell to your employer. Make a winning statement without providing a lot of information. You must entice them. Let them choose you. Employers are very much busy and long read application letters are not ideal. So to the best of your ability, make a short but winning application letter.

Next is your Resume or Curriculum Vitae(CV), this is the time to expand and prove the things you mentioned in your application letter. You can decorate the way you wanted it to be. Make it attractive, not so much in its form, but with its substance. Here, sell yourself to the best that you can. Make it look nice to the eyes. Put all the information needed to prove that you are very much suitable for the dream job you are going to apply for. Do not decorate it with information that you do not possess or do not belong to you. Even if you win your resume, but with all the false information inside, you wouldn’t last for a day in that job. Remember, be true to yourself. Being honest will never let you down and most employers prefer this one.

Employers sometimes require tangible evidence and proof of the things you mentioned in your Resume/CV, so be prepared to include your certificates for all the achievements, training and seminars  you have done.If you haven’t save one, going forward, you should collect and save all your certificates because they are very important for your employment success. Also, don’t forget to update your portfolio every now and then.

Bear in mind that aside from your character and skills, a winning portfolio is your key to unlock your dream job.

  1. Look for your Employer.

This is the most heavy and struggling part towards your dream job. Job hunting requires a lot of effort, determination, perseverance, patience and positivity. First is effort, if you are a lazy person, you won’t survive job hunting. Don’t be lazy if you really want to land your dream job. Search everywhere about hiring companies or job openings. Be hardworking enough to walk to every place and look for posters and ads about job openings. Read newspapers and look for classified ads sections to see if there are job openings. Listen to radio and watch television for there might be job announcements or advertisements.  

In today’s advanced technology, the internet is the most common resort of job seekers to look for job openings. You can type into search engines about your dream job and plenty of websites will appear displaying openings for your dream job. To save time, you can visit job portals and career websites that automatically display thousands of job openings in their job board. This is the most used tool of today’s generation. Aside from less hustle, it would offer you comfort and convenience and ease of looking for your dream job. This is highly recommended and proven by millions of jobseekers to be very much effective. The only thing you must do is be vigilant for scammers on those sites. Be careful about giving your information. But even with that issue, much of the employees today have been hired through this career websites  and job portals. With the advancement of technology, there’s no doubt that for the coming years these online job sites will be leading the employment market.

Next is you should be determined. You should have that positive attitude that you can and you will reach your goal – to get your dream job. If you are determined, you can achieve great things you did not expect even in your dreams.

What always follows determination is your perseverance. You already have started looking for your dream job then finish it until you get it. Never stop until you haven’t been employed in your dream job. Never be discouraged.

Next in line is your patience. This is the most important one. As they say, “Patience is a virtue.” Why? Because when you’re patient, you have the willingness to wait. A patient man can wait until it’s forever. Be patient enough to look for your employer.

Lastly, you need to be positive. Be positive that all your effort in looking for your dream job spending how many days or even months will be paid off at the right time. When you are positive, you will attract all the positives in life. There is a big difference when you’re positive one. You will see things that others are not able to see and you will always look forward to another chance in life.

  1. Ask Help from your Connections.

Asking help from your connections may sound absurd but it really works. If you are really eager to land in your dream job, you will do every way to make it happen. Yes , why not? Your connections may also have a connection to someone or some employer who is looking for someone to fill up a job which is your dream job. Asking your connections to help you find employers or introduce you to an employer is somewhat very much helpful for you to land in your dream job. There is nothing wrong in doing it. You just need to lower your pride and be humble enough because you are asking a favor from them. In exchange for their  kindness, you may treat them to a dinner. Having connections can really help you land in your dream job. This is 100% true and proven by millions of people around the globe. So if you have still few connections, be friendly enough to look for more. 

  1. Apply for your Dream Job.

After knowing all the openings for your dream job, the next step is to apply for your dream job. This is a crucial stage because you just don’t apply but also evaluate which hiring companies you will apply to. This is a bit hard. Don’t just apply to any company, apply to the company that you think is a legal one with no bad issues and you think will offer you an opportunity for growth professionally and financially. Before you apply, investigate first because illegal recruiters and scammers are prevalent nowadays – background check the company. Gather data about them and with a proper discretion choose the companies you want to apply to. Apply to as many as you can but make sure you know the companies you are applying to and you have a record of those companies you have applied to. So when they respond to you, you will just search them to your list and there you go, you see all its details. Knowing all their details will help you during the exam and interview stage.

  1. Weapon-up your Exam and Interview

A few days later, you’ll receive calls, text and email messages from the companies you have applied to inviting you to take their exam and interview. Wow!  You have reached this stage – the final stage towards your dream job. But how do you win this stage?  Prepare your weapons!

First, you just have to be prepared and be confident. 

Since you already know the details of the company you have applied to, you just need to study and familiarize relevant information about the company.

You must research that, it might come out of the exam and might be asked in the interview. The next thing you should prepare is your knowledge and skills. Knowing that you have already worked for your knowledge and skills for your dream job and you’ve been constantly improving it, then all you have to do is review and do practice tests offline and online. Don’t also forget to practice the interview. This will really help especially to be more relaxed. The last thing to do is to prepare yourself. The day before the scheduled exam and interview, just relax. Do the usual day to day things that you’ve been doing. Don’t think too much of your interview. Check if you have already prepared your attire, your resume and all the things that you will be bringing to your interview. Sleep early, wake up early and don’t forget to feed your stomach – this will fuel you throughout the day.

Before entering the scheduled place, pray. This really helps. You have all the weapons you need to pass the tests and eventually be hired in your dream job. During the exam, never panic. Answer as many as you can. Trust  your knowledge. Focus on what you know.

When doing the interview, be confident! Smile and talk like you own what you say. Be kind. Always do an eye to eye contact. This will prove to the employers that you are being true to what you are saying and you have a sense of attention. Just be yourself. Breath normally and laugh if you must. Being too formal is boring.  Employers nowadays want cheerful workers, so be one! Showcase what you’ve got. Show them that you are an expert at the job you are applying for.  If you don’t know the answer to some questions, just be honest to say you don’t know but try your best to always come up with an answer. Never ever lie! Always show respect and be humble enough to say that you always want to learn more. You have done a long journey just to land in your dream job so burn like a fire and don’t forget to not only use your brain but also use your heart.

“The only real limitation on your abilities is the level of your desires. If you want it badly enough, there are no limits on what you can achieve.” – Brian Tracy