10 Career advice they would not tell you!

This is especially true for people just leaving the university and gong into the corporate world ! What are the greatest career nuggets you can get from people who have been there before you? What are the steps you need to take to ensure success in your chosen career? Here are 10 career pieces of advice that could place you on the right path.

  1. Choose your Company and Boss with care: This one is very important and should be borne in mind. Where you will find yourself in 5 years is a function of what you do, what you do not do and the people that surround you. If you are surrounded by average people with average view of life, your result and outcome might not be very encouraging. It cannot be over-emphasized to take your time and choose your first career experience carefully. We have been privileged to know two guys from two different countries who chose excellent career mentors upon starting their careers
  2. Choose a Career Mentor: Because of the naivety of entry level professionals, mistakes are bond to happen and one must protect one’s self from the rookie mistakes that might put one’s career in jeopardy. Therefore, if you can, choose a high flying career mentor that can help you with your daily routine, training choices, planning, presentations, seminars to attend, courses to take and all actions related to your career. Like previously expressed, those two guys were fortunate to work closely with Senior Vice presidents of their corporations and learn earlier on, what makes for a successful career.
  3. Establish yourself as a thought leader: It is important you establish a reputation in the company and in the industry as a reliable opinion leader who has been thoroughly bred. This builds your reputation and make people trust you more within the organization. There is need to demonstrate both technical and behavioural leadership earlier on.